“Snoddasspelaren” är klar

AIFs supporterförening Snoddas Army har under våren haft en insamling för att värva ”Snoddasspelaren”. En spelare som ska vara lite extra intressant och kan överraska rejält under säsongen. 

Nu har signaturen landat och AIF kan tillsammans med Snoddas Army kan stolt presentera den 24-årige lettiske forwarden Ricards Bernhards.

Ricards kommer från Zemgale i lettiska ligan där han gjort 5 säsonger och hunnit med 100 poäng på 138 matcher. Han har även representerat Lettland i både ungdomslandslagen och seniorlandslaget. Nu väljer han att fortsätta sin karriär i Hockeyettan och AIF.

Hemsidan tog ett snack med vår nye Snoddasspelare:

Hi Ricards and welcome to Kiruna AIF!

You have choose to move to Sweden and Kiruna next season, why did your choice fall on AIF?
I really liked the organization and it seemed like a new challenge for me. and i think it’s a new way to show my skills in a different country and what i’m capable off.

What do you know about the leagues in Sweden (Hockeyettan), the city of Kiruna and of course Kiruna AIF?
I knew that the level of this league is high and players are very skilled. There are also many Latvians who plays in this league and two of them are actually playing in the city of Kiruna, but in Kiruna IF, and there’s a big rivalry between those two teams.

For those who do not know you, who is Ricards as a person and a hockey player?
As a person i’m a funny positive guy who likes to smile a lot and as a hockey player i’m a hard working guy who likes to play aggressive hockey and will give anything for my team and my teammates

It’s our great supporters who made a fundraiser to get you to Kiruna, does it feel extra inspiring?
Yes, absolutely! I want to show the best of me and don’t let them down.

You have also played with the Latvian national team, it must have been a fantastic experience?
That’s an experience i’ll never forget and i learned a lot of from players who has a bigger experience.

Finally, is there anything you want to say to all the fans here in Sweden?
I’m very happy to play with this team and i hope that with my play i’ll make fans enjoy the game more.
Gå Kiruna!💛🖤

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